Government Agencies & Social Service Providers

The Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch is an intensive, long-term, multi-modal, trauma informed treatment centre in Canada that focuses exclusively on the treatment of child sexual abuse.

As a member of a government agency or as a provider of a social service, you are undoubtedly aware of the devastating prevalence and long-term impacts of child sexual assault. Working together, we can help child sexual abuse survivors access the support they need to flourish into happy, healthy adults.

If you are considering referring a child to the Be Brave Ranch, we have outlined some comprehensive information on the treatment that we provide. While a parent or primary caregiver is responsible for child enrollment, we appreciate the valuable role you play in educating parents on their available treatment options. If you have any additional questions that are not addressed below, please refer to our FAQ section  or email us at

Who Can Apply

The Be Brave Ranch is a treatment facility that focuses exclusively on sexually abused children (boys and girls) who are between the ages of eight and 12. Girls from the ages of 13-16 are now being accepted into our program and can apply.

Program Overview

Based on two separate, gold standard trauma intervention models (Triphasic Model and TF-CBT), the Be Brave Ranch provides over 200 hours of comprehensive multi-modal therapy that combines physical and recreational activities within a camp-like environment.

Trauma informed treatment includes on-site and outpatient therapies that are delivered over the course of 12 months. This includes an initial 28-day stay at the Be Brave Ranch, followed by three subsequent stays of 14 days each. In between visits, children will work with their therapist on an outpatient basis via weekly group teleconferences.

Child Outcomes

Preliminary details of our program have already been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Study outcomes will also be published at the end of our clinical data collection project. We are excited to note that after the initial 28-day stay at the Be Brave Ranch, children are already displaying improvements in depression, PTSD symptoms, attachment behaviors, self esteem, anxiety and healthy peer interaction.

Societal Outcomes

Scientific literature has identified more than 45 pathological outcomes of child sexual abuse, such as psychiatric disorders, drug and alcohol abuse and interactions with the criminal justice system. All of these present societal and economic impacts that reach far and wide.

Treatment at the Be Brave Ranch is specifically designed to treat or prevent 42 of these pathological outcomes. We are not only offering these children an opportunity to heal, we are looking to achieve outcomes that benefit society as a whole.

Virtual Tour

Click here to take a tour of the Be Brave Ranch.

The Application Process

If you are assisting a parent or primary caregiver with enrollment, we have included a step-by-step outline of our application process. If you have questions regarding a child’s eligibility or our treatment program in general, please contact us at, and we would be happy to supply you with any additional information you may need.

Step 1: A parent or primary caregiver must click the Apply Now  button and fill out the corresponding online form.

Step 2: A therapist will call the parent/primary caregiver within two weeks to confirm that the application was received and to assess the child’s suitability for the program.

Step 3: The therapist will schedule and complete a phone interview with the parent/primary caregiver. In general, these conversations take one to two hours to complete. The child must be present for 15 to 30 minutes during this interview.

Step 4: The therapist will discuss an enrollment date for the child to begin the Be Brave Ranch’s treatment program.

Step 5: Prior to the start date, the therapist will contact the parent/primary caregiver regarding the orientation and the intake day.