Clinical Data Collection Project

Little Warriors Changes the Trajectory of Child Sexual Abuse

The Be Brave Ranch’s preliminary data shows improved outcomes for child sexual abuse survivors

Little Warriors announced the highly anticipated preliminary results of it’s clinical data collection project performed at the Be Brave Ranch. This innovative multi-modal treatment program was developed under the supervision of Dr. Jacqui Linder. Quantitative data analysis was conducted by Dr. Peter Silverstone, Professor of Psychiatry with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. This is the only program of it’s kind to offer intensive, dedicated, multi-modal treatment to child sexual abuse survivors ages (8-12).

Results, published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Behaviour, confirm the program’s success, measuring a highly significant reduction in symptoms. This includes a 25% reduction in child post-traumatic stress disorder scores (PTSD), a reduction in the number of children experiencing PTSD (14 children, down from 26) and a significant reduction in depression and anxiety after the initial 28 day stay at the Be Brave Ranch. After the children have completed the full year-long program only 29% meet the criteria for PTSD down from 73% who had full spectrum PTSD.  Forecasts also suggested reduced mental health related issues and enriched outcomes for these children and potentially improving societal and economic outcomes.

With child sexual abuse affecting millions of children across North America, and multiple long-term psychiatric and physical outcomes identified, these results signify a major milestone for children, families and society as a whole.


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