Items, Supplies & Materials needed

Items, supplies, materials and services are cherished donations to us at Little Warriors and the Be Brave Ranch. In addition to monetary donations and event sponsorships, we are in need of companies and kind individuals to donate items, equipment and services to cut down on our costs and to help keep our programming costs down and our facility running in first-rate shape for years to come.

Note: If you would like a gift in kind tax receipt, please complete and return this form with your donation, and be sure to include the original purchase receipt.

Drop Off Locations 

    • Sherwood Flooring #105, 108 Provincial Ave, Sherwood Park. Hours 9am-5pm M-F and 11-4 Saturdays.
    • g [squared] #10615, 124th St, Edmonton. Office hours are M-F 8:30am-5pm.
    • City Homes Master Builder at the following locations during the hours 3-8pm M-Th and 12-5pm Sat/Sun/Stats:
      • Cy Becker: 1214 Cy Becker Road
      • McConachie Solstice: 6406-167 Ave NW
      • Collections at Creekwood:  8237 Chappelle Way SW
      • Stewart Greens: 20711-99B Ave
      • Secord Heights: 22567 96 Ave

Or you can mail your donation to: Little Warriors / Be Brave Ranch, PO Box 92507, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3X4


You can also shop on our list on Amazon and have the items directly shipped to us. If you email your receipt to we can issue you a gift in kind tax receipt.  You can view our Amazon wish list here.

Alternatively, we can arrange for a staff or volunteer to pick up large donations from your location in Edmonton or Calgary. Please email to make arrangements.

Items and Supplies Needed 

Download a printable PDF of our needs

Download a printable PDF of our Christmas wish List

*Please note we keep this list updated on an ongoing basis, so check back often for new and different needs and requests. 

URGENT NEEDS: We are currently in need of Laundry Detergent, septic tank friendly dishwasher pods, and 5 dark brown canvas tarps that are at least 20`x 20` to be used for the creation of our sweat lodge. And we also have a shortage of mouse pads and computer speakers for our staff to use at their desks:)

Aromatherapy: Necklaces, essential oils, hand lotions, humidifiers

Batteries: AAA (we go through a lot of these for flashlights for the children)

Carpet Shampooer: Large stand up one to do the carpets in the main lodge and houses.

Chairs for the Art Room: Plastic classroom chairs suitable for children ages 8-16.

Cleaning Supplies: Oven cleaner, broom/dust pan set, laundry soap, dishwasher pods, Vileda mops and mop head replacements.

Clock Radios for the children’s bedrooms (cordless ones that are battery operated)

Clothing/Winter Gear/Dress Clothes: Size 10/12 and 14/16 or (XL kids or adult ladies small/med) shirts, pants and winter gear.  We also need socks and (new) underwear for children 8-16. We are also in need of dress pants/shirts for boys and gowns/dresses for girls, as well as dress shoes/heels, for when children graduate from the Be Brave Ranch program. It is such a special day, so they love to dress up look and feel special for the occasion.

Craft/Art Supplies: Art canvases in a variety of sizes, art paint (acrylic, non-toxic) doodle books (blank), mini glue sticks, liquid white glue, tie dye, perler beads. The kids also LOVE making slime so we are in need of some slime making supplies: Elmers glue, shaving cream, and contact solution. Gift certificates to Dollar Stores or Michaels would be a welcome donation for us to purchase art supplies.

Diffusers with no cords (such as this one)

DVD Player (x2)

Dry Erase White Board (24 x 30) X 2, Cork Boards X 4

Flip Chart Paper, Poster Board and Rolls of Newsprint Paper 

Food: Healthy, non-perishable food items that children from 8-16 would enjoy. Fruit cups, granola bars, cereal, pasta, tuna, pickles, salsa, herbal tea bags, spices.

Footwear: *For boy and girls ages 8-12 and girls ages 13-16 (sizes 2-10): Runners, soft soled shoes, rubber boots, slippers, and winter boots.

Garment Racks 

Grounding Boxes: Once children and youth have completed their first round of treatment at the Be Brave Ranch, the therapists distribute grounding packages in a final group therapy session before the kids head home. These grounding packages contain various items which may support children and youth in developing healthy coping skills while they are away from the Ranch. For instance, essential oils may be extremely helpful in reducing their levels of stress and anxiety. Journals may provide children and youth with an outlet or a new method of communicating with a loved one. Items such as: Gift Bags or backpacks, bath bombs, bath/shower gels, lotions, bracelets (eg. mala or inspirational words), meditation cards, journals, mandala coloring books, or coloring books for meditation, nail polish, essential oils, various hand fidgets (eg. silly putty, stress balls etc), gum, sour candy.

Gym and Sports Equipment: Bike helmets, padded mini sticks, soft fabric balls, water bottles (new), ice packs, air hockey pucks.

Gas Cards: To help with travel for our recreation activities around the Edmonton area and to assist with travel costs for children and families.

Gift Cards: Home Depot / Rona, Walmart, Dollarama, Michaels, Superstore, ITunes, Boston Pizza, Starbucks, Mcdonalds, Tim Hortans. A creative way to donate gift cards is to use your Aeroplan or Airmiles for gift cards and then donate them to Little Warriors.

Heat Packs/Magic Bags, Cough Drops and Ice packs

Humidifiers/White Noise Machines

Hygiene Products: Body wash, hair elastics, detangler and feminine hygiene products.

Incentive Prizes: Gift certificates to dollar stores that can be used in the Edmonton area would be greatly appreciated! Or if you prefer to shop for the items things like packs of gum, glow sticks, cards, trinkets, cars, spa items (nail decals), stickers etc. Anything fun that the kids would love to get as a reward.

Journals and Small Photo Albums: Journals and small personal photo albums (small soft dollar store photo albums, not hard cover ones).

Just for Fun: Mascara (for graduation ceremonies when the kids get all dressed up and have makeovers), manicure and spa kits for spa nights with the children (fruity facial masks, nail decals/stickers, sugar scrubs etc.), hair chalk, essential oils, aromatherapy items, hand lotions (smelly lotions), Scentsy bars, diffusers, and oils.

Kitchen/Baking Supplies: Food processor and stand mixer, blenders (2), toaster ovens (3), crockpot, waffle maker, pancake griddles (3), serving platters, spring form pans, plastic cups, piping tips, serving bowls, 1 litre measuring cup, Ziploc bags.


Laptops (2): The kids use these laptops for programming during the week and the staff use them for their daily shift notes etc. We are looking for laptops with: 500 GB Hard Drive, 4 GB Ram and Windows 10.

Musical Instruments: Guitars and hand drums

Night lights and Large Flashlights

Office Supplies: Computer speakers, Mouse pads, ink jet printer, printer paper, sharpies, dry erase boards (24 X 30), dry erase board erasers, post it notes, glue sticks, paper clips, note pads, file folders, staplers, masking tape/scotch tape, ink/toner compatible with HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 and 8710, laminator, flip chart paper, poster board, rolls of newsprint paper.

Outdoor items: Battery operated lanterns, pump for balls and tires, 10 X 10 pop up shade tents, folding wagon, motion sensor lights, 18″ Stihl Chainsaw

Projector: To be able to project presentations or movies for the kids.

Puppet Theatre: This would be a great addition to our group therapy sessions! 4.5-5ft wide x 4.5-5ft tall would be a great size.

Radios/Bluetooth Speakers

Recreation Experiences: Coupons, Groupons or Gift Certificates for recreation opportunities for the kids in the Edmonton area.

Sensory Items: Scentsy sticks, aromatherapy lotions, various fidget, sensory toys or stress balls/shapes.

Special Event Decorations: To be used for Graduation ceremonies for the children (ie streamers, table cloths, etc)

Tablets or IPads

T-Shirts: Plain white t-shirts that we can use for tye-dye. Sizes 8-10, 10-12, and 12-14/ Suitable for children ages 8-16.

Toys for Therapy:  Fidget/sensory toys, plastic lace string to make chew toys, Playmobile toys, sand table toys, therapeutic/educational games, perler beads, small toys under 6 inches:  figurines, dinosaurs, animals of all kinds, matchbox cars.

Toys for the Playroom (excellent used condition)  Keeping in mind older children ages 8-16. Sensory Toys (Education Station), K-Nex, science experiments, puppets, Rainbow Loom, indoor sand box toys.

Toys/Items for the Magic Room (NEW): When the children arrive on site at the Be Brave Ranch they get to choose a new item to have of their very own. Toys, books, games, slime, ball caps, etc Please keep in mind that the children are between 8-16.

Skills, Equipment and Materials Needed

Skills: Carpentry, Painting, Trenching, Tree Pruning, Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance, Deck Building, Landscaping/Lawn Mowing.

Materials: Paint, Lumber, Asphalt, High Efficiency Furnaces (110,000 BTUs), Electrical Supplies.


If you have any questions or require clarification on anything please email